Sustainable Development in Brazil -- Data on Resource Extraction, Environmental Issues, and Development

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Sustainable development is shaped by the interplay of its economic, social, and environmental aspects. In Brazil, economic development through material extraction has been a longstanding policy focus. Empirically investigating the efficacy and sensibility of this approach requires flexible models that are able to capture the many crucial dimensions. Proper analysis of the triangle between resource extraction (e.g. mining and agriculture), environmental pressure (e.g. deforestation), and development requires explicit treatment of spillover effects and needs to account for distinct features of Brazil’s regions. This project is looking to provide an extensive data foundation for such analysis, building on the data of Kuschnig et al. (2021). Extending this precursory dataset in breadth and depth will prove invaluable for future research.

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Wr. Städtische Stiftung
Effective start/end date30/08/2128/03/22

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  • 502025 Econometrics
  • 502042 Environmental economics