Participative Safety Research within Acacdemic Education and Training in Austria

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Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology


The study „Participative Safety Research within Academic Education and Training in Austria“ combines empirical findings concerning subjective safety with the implementation of these outputs into the police training. This implementation takes place by means of the education of senior police officers in the bachelor degree class “Polizeiliche Führung” of the Applied University of Wiener Neustadt. As a result not only the comprehensive concept of Safety of the Safety Research Program KIRAS is going to be adapted, but also different measures for advanced education will be an important focus of this project.

This study aims on the implementation of the research findings over three semesters and two years of courses. On the one hand these findings refer to the detailed knowledge about subjective phenomena of insecurity within different demographic groups. On the other hand these findings should offer concrete options of dealing with specific situations on the selected Hot Spots in Austria.

Topic - Methods

queraum. cultural- & social research and the project partners of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Competence Centre for empirical research methods of the University of Economics in Vienna, the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology and the Applied University of Wiener Neustadt are responsible for the implementation of this study.

The collection of the data is going to take place on seven Hot Spots in Austrian Cities. For analysing the collected data urban sociological approaches will be connected with findings of the Safety Research. These findings, which are going to be integrated into the police training, are result scenarios of these Hot Spots.
Effective start/end date1/12/111/08/13

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