Quantitative analysis of cabotage in Austria

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Federal Economic Chamber of Austria


From the institute of transport economy and logistics Vienna WU carried out study has to the aim to allow a neutral quantitative judgement of the magnitude of cabotage journeys in Austria. Moreover, it should be analysed which elevation methods exist and a method suitable for the Austrian conditions to develop.
Naturally the subject of the cabotage is discussed in the road freight transport very controversially. Especially difficultly the question is to be answered how high the unlawful cabotage is. The study should create more transparency what concerns the extent in cabotage journeys in Austria generally, quantitative as well as qualitative kind.
The question to what extent it around unlawful cabotage (given of the national and EU regulations) concerns, at last cannot be cleared by the study. Nevertheless, a careful estimate should occur.
Effective start/end date1/12/1531/08/16

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