RCE Vienna - Regional Centre of Expertise on Educational for Sustainable Development

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Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration


The RCE Vienna is the regional network for research, education and knowledge interactions on questions related to regional and trans-regional sustainable development.

The RCE Vienna focuses on the context of “socio-economic development and the environment” and on tackling challenges such as immigration and social coherence, climate change policies, sustainability entrepreneurship or sustainable behavior. By enhancing transformative education we want to head from sustainability visions to concrete actions and provide impulses towards a sustainable economic development of the Vienna region. To cope with the socio-economic dynamics of the “east-west-interface” of the Vienna region, the RCE Vienna shall be extended to Bratislava and include key-institutions of formal, non-formal and informal education in the Centrope region.

An RCE is a network of existing formal, non-formal and informal education organisations, mobilised to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities. It builds an innovative platform for multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary information-sharing, dialogue and collaboration for promoting ESD among regional/local stakeholders. Additionally it also creates a regional/local knowledge base to support ESD activities.

A network of currently 100 RCEs worldwide constitute the Global Learning Space for Sustainable Development. Together, these individual RCEs aspire to achieve the goals of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014) by translating its global objectives into the context of the local communities in which they operate.
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