Russian Corporate Communication: A Discourse Analysis

  • Rathmayr, Renate (PI - Project head)
  • Garstenauer, Therese (Researcher)
  • Hoffmann, Edgar (Researcher)
  • Ivanova, Ekaterina (Researcher)
  • Klingseis, Katharina (Researcher)
  • Nikolov, Dionisi (Researcher)

Project Details


The Joint Project of the Institute of Slavic Languages WU (Head of Project: Prof. Renate Rathmayr) and the Department of Russian Language and Oral Communication (Head of Project: Prof. Tatiana Milekhina) is an interdisciplinary and international empirical study on “Russian Corporate Communication” exploring the subject matter in a discourse-analytical perspective. In close cooperation between Russian and Austrian applied linguists, cultural analysts and an organizational researcher and based on empirical data from real-life business situations (field research, recordings of verbal interactions, corporate documents and media texts) Russian corporate communication will be analysed in its socio-cultural and organisational context. Given this interdisciplinary approach, the Joint Project will also be an exploration of a section of current Russian reality.

Financing body

Austrian Science Fund

Russian Fond for Basic Research
Effective start/end date17/10/1116/10/14

Collaborative partners

Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

  • 506009 Organisation theory
  • 602047 Slavonic studies
  • 602004 General linguistics
  • 602048 Sociolinguistics
  • 602043 Semiotics