Smart Transport Network for the accessibility of passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility in the Danube region through innovative services

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Financing body

European Regional Development Fund


The common challenge of the program area tackled by the project concerns the lack of services and barrier-free transport and the lack of harmonization among countries in the field of accessibility of disabled passengers, focusing on the disparities in innovation level & uptake of advanced technologies in the Danube Region.
The overall project objective is the improvement of transport accessibility (air, water & urban transport) in the DR for all disabilitiets by creating innovative services, and providing fully accessible Digital Travel Information Services (DTIS) through the establishment of a Smart Network of transport facilities, making a change and contributing to reduce the innovation gap across the DR.

Key findings

- Strategy for accessible transport in the Danube Region
- Smart Transport Network for PRM digital accessibility data
- Customized pilot participatory actions
- Replication package
Effective start/end date1/01/2430/06/24

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