SINGOCOM Social innovation, governance and community building

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    Commission of the European Communities


    SINGOCOM is the acronym for a three-years-project funded by the EU Commission. It integrates researchers of different disciplines and various European cities. Prof. Frank Moulaert is the overall coordinator of the project. The Viennese team of researchers consists of Prof. Andreas Novy, DSA Elisabeth Hammer and Mag. Vanessa Redak.

    Starting point of this project is the mushrooming of bottom-up development strategies in losing or disintegrated neighbourhoods in European cities and the failure of traditional literature on regional and local innovation to adequately integrate these aspects in theoretical discussion. An alternative model of social innovation is to be formulated with systems of innovations no longer being geared to technology and economic governance only, but to the improvement of the quality of socio-cultural relations and the achievement of non market-economic goals at the local level.

    The more empirical part of the project is then concerned with analysing redevelopment strategies and social economy initiatives in selected disintegrated areas of a number of European cities. It is the aim to get a closer picture on the relationship between human needs in deprived neighbourhoods and their satisfaction through innovative strategies of production, distribution and governance. This evaluation of existing local development models will refer to an alternative model of local innovation and will be based on structured surveys of the literature, construction of small-scale databases and detailed interviews with local authorities, neighbourhood development agents, urban policy makers and privileged witnesses. The Viennese group of researchers will contribute two case-studies to the empirical part of the programme.
    Effective start/end date1/09/0131/08/04

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