Subjective Awarness of security / Insecurity in Public Spaces

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Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology


The Study „Subjective Awareness of Security / Insecurity in Public Spaces” addresses with the concentration on a so-called “critical infrastructure” current attempts and challenges of the security research. The sociological perspective of the awareness of security, in concrete terms the analysis of the subjective perceptual process of security and insecurity is the focus of SUSI. In this project the subjective awareness of a security feeling is seen as an individual interpretation of a situation which has been constructed not only through the communication with other individuals, but also through the media. With this approach SUSI differentiate itself from a strong technical oriented security term and focuses instead the question: “Which consequences on the perceived security of different groups of people do already existing crime- preventing measures have?”. Summarizing SUSI aims at the elicitation of subjective security feelings of certain groups of people and resulting from that, the presentation of the importance of an interdisciplinary collaboration within the security research.
Effective start/end date1/12/0731/12/09

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