Together - Yhdessä - Gemeinsam

    Project Details


    The aim of the project was to conteract the lack of knowledge in strategic development and participation in European SMEs. A modular counselling and training concept was developed in a LEONARDO-Partnership. The content of the programme "Together-Yhdessä-Gemeinsam" is to impart useful knowledge of instruments and methods of involvment in strategic entre-preneurial planning and decision-making processes. The three modules are dealing with: "Leading your team" (Austria), "Thinking Strategically" (Ireland) and "Developing your team" (Finnland). Each module consists of four phases: Seminar I, self-study-phase, seminar II and learning transfer at the company.

    Financing body

    Commission of the European Communities
    Effective start/end date1/03/9831/12/00

    Collaborative partners

    • Vienna University of Economics and Business (lead)
    • Irish Management Institute (Project partner)
    • WIFI Österreich (Project partner)
    • Vaasan Yliopisto, Täydennyskoulutuskeskus (Project partner)
    • Union Europeene de l`artisanat et des petites et moyennes entreprises (Project partner)
    • Tischlerei Lassner (Project partner)
    • Pehaim & Moser (Kleinunternehmer) (Project partner)
    • Tischlerei Gottfried Wieland (Kleinunternehmer) (Project partner)
    • Zechner Schuhe & Taschen (Kleinunternehmer) (Project partner)

    Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (OEFOS)

    • 211903 Science of management
    • 502026 Human resource management
    • 502016 SME-research
    • 506004 European integration
    • 502043 Business consultancy