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Financing body

UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organisation


In the EQuIP project, UNIDO is setting up a toolkit to measure, monitor and guide the process of industrial development in developing countries to ensure that their development path is implemented in an inclusive and sustainable way. In environmental terms, the key questions addressed are how to advance modern industrialization through the greening of existing industries as well as how to develop new green products and technologies. This shall support economic growth and increase competitiveness of the respective countries, while at the same time respecting the environmental limits both on the national and the global level (“planetary boundaries”).
The toolkit does not consist of sophisticated models or complex evaluation procedures, but of simple analytical tools based on available and – to the extent possible – quantitative indicators. The toolkit is designed in a way to be easily implemented by members of public administrations and other stakeholders in developing countries.
Experts from WU’s research group “Sustainable Resource Use”, notably Stefan Giljum and Stephan Lutter, assist UNIDO in setting up the toolkit and training manual for the areas of resource efficiency and environmental impacts.
Effective start/end date1/07/1431/08/15