Knowledge Economy, Economic Transformations and ICT in the EU25+: Regional Dynamics in the Deployment Phase

  • Maier, Gunther (PI - Project head)
  • Trippl, Michaela (Researcher)

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This study develops a theoretical and empirical analysis of the consequences of ICT use and globalization on regional economies in the EU. In particular, the analysis draws on clear and concrete examples from a sample of European regional case studies on a number of mechanisms such as technological and knowledge spillovers, interactions and networking between firms, learning capacity, in order to illustrate the main determinants of ICT absorption and impact on economic efficiency in EU regions. Further, the case studies highlight the emergence of new structures, and organization of economic activities related to ICT use, with a special emphasis on the role of ICT on changing nature of interactions between economic agents. Finally, the study draws policy implications for the EU and underlines possible directions for future research.

Financing body

Commission of the European Communities
Effective start/end date1/02/071/06/09

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