Die Entstehung von Vertrauen im persönlichen Verkauf - eine qualitative Analyse von Gesprächseröffnungen

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From a sociological perspective sales conversations can be defined as direct social interaction. Its initiation, retention and closing require trust. In marketing research it is assumed that sales people have to simply hold the aptitude to take trust building measures in an interaction with costumers and accordingly to mind to flexibly adapt their actions. Such normative approaches mostly overlook that ritual actions, which become manifest in significant symbols, play a decisive role in the genesis of confidence. Firstly, the paper adresses the Stae of the Art of personal selling and the relevancy of trust in marketing research. Secondly, we investigate how ritual forms of interactions support the building of both, trust and distrust. The verbal dialogues of opening sequences in face-to-face sales situations in DIY stores and clothing stores have been analysed regarding their trust building latent structure. Using hermeneutical text interpretation methods it is demonstrated how the conversational partners deal with ritual needs and demands in the interaction respectively how they use ritual practices to build trust. Methodologically the paper aims to demonstrate the possible application of hermeneutical text interpretation to the analysis of conversational rituals to identify confidence building latent patterns. Finally from the qualitative-methodological point of view opportunities for further sales research approaches are discussed.
Original languageGerman (Austria)
Pages (from-to)47 - 59
Journalder markt - International Journal of Marketing (eingestellt 2013)
Issue number1/2
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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