Effort Modeling and Programmer Participation in Open Source Software Projects

Stefan Koch

Publication: Working/Discussion PaperWU Working Paper

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This paper analyses and develops models for programmer participation and effort estimation in open source software projects. This has not yet been a centre of research, although any results would be of high importance for assessing the efficiency of this model and for various decision-makers. In this paper, a case study is used for hypotheses generation regarding manpower function and effort modeling, then a large data set retrieved from a project repository is used to test these hypotheses. The main results are that Norden-Rayleigh-based approaches need to be complemented to account for the addition of new features during the lifecycle to be usable in this context, and that programmer-participation based effort models show significantly less effort than those based on output metrics like lines-of-code. (author's abstract)
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationVienna
PublisherDepartment für Informationsverarbeitung und Prozessmanagement, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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