Knowledge Graphs: Detection of Outdated News

Nicolas Ferranti, Astrid Krickl, Markus Nissl

Publication: Contribution to conferenceConference poster


Every day, millions of news stories, articles, and blogs are
shared and read throughout the world. As an input, recent study results
and everyday occurrences shape how news are released; consequently,
it is critical to work with current information, as obsolete information
might be incorrect and dangerous in some circumstances, for example,
false information about who won the presidential election in the United
States, can lead to dangerous public confrontations, as we could observe.
In this research, we propose a workflow for the detection of outdated
articles with Knowledge Graphs, and analyze the reactivity of updates
in DBPedia and Wikidata as possible sources for outdated news.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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