v1e: A Kernel for Domain-specific Textual Variability Modelling Languages

Publication: Chapter in book/Conference proceedingContribution to conference proceedings


v1e is a language kernel for textual variability modelling built on top of the language-development system DjDSL. As a language kernel, v1e provides a minimal but extensible set of abstractions to implement language families for textual variability modelling. v1e provides for a small and versatile abstract syntax to encode variability models using multiplicity constraints and canonical semantics. v1e offers built-in analysis support via BDDs, such as configuration validation. A derived language becomes realised as a collection of extensions dependent on the language kernel. We showcase the design and implementation of a v1e-based implementation of TVL. We conclude the paper by pointing out current limitations (e.g., representing attributed variability models) and future directions (e.g., analysis support beyond BDD).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProc. 15th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems
Editors Paul Grünbacher and Christoph Seidl and Deepak Dhungana and Helena Lovasz-Bukvova
Place of PublicationOnline
Pages1 - 7
Publication statusPublished - 2021

Austrian Classification of Fields of Science and Technology (ÖFOS)

  • 102022 Software development
  • 102
  • 502050 Business informatics

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