Vulnerability and labour market discrimination of Roma in South East Europe

Susanne Milcher

Publication: ThesisDoctoral thesis


The focus of this dissertation is on vulnerability to poverty and on wage discrimination of Roma in South East Europe with the aim to reveal the systemic causes of poverty and labour market disadvantage. It calls attention to the interaction of various socio-economic factors that are responsible for the situation of the Roma in South East Europe. It is shown that Roma are both poorer than non-Roma and are more vulnerable to poverty. Especially, low education appears to be a key determinant of Roma household's vulnerability. The dissertation further shows, that education (rather than wage discrimination) is a main factor in explaining wage income differentials between Roma and non-Roma in South East Europe. Nevertheless, wage discrimination apparently is an important factor in lowering
incomes of Roma in Albania and Kosovo. (author's abstract)
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • WU Vienna
Publication statusPublished - 18 Feb 2011

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